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Sabtu, 13 Desember 2008

What a day...!!

eF swear she won't buy another white shoes..
it's so hard to clean them, you know...!!

she mean, she will buy another one, if she is not in Bandung anymore. Or she will buy the new one but won't wear it in Bandung. Bandung is really a rain city. It's rain almost everyday..!! It makes her shoes dirty, thnx to the mud..!!

One day, she decided to clean her white shoes.
Whoa... it's really a hard work..
eF really shocked, after she finished.
she had forgot how white her shoes was..

oh,, one more,,
she won't buy strap shoes anymore,,
she doesn't care even if her friend said that her shoes like 'kindergarten's shoes'

After cleaned her shoes,, eF decided to make a delicious food for herself..
So, she made spaghetti..
hmm... it's so yummy...!!


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Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

Concerto In G 10

Ini konser perdanany ISO -Itb Student Orchestra-
Kerja sama ama ukm2 lainny... Trz jg ada kak Ammy...
Keren banget lah pokokny,, sayang klw gag nonton..^^

Tapi di balik itu ada perjuangan,
sebenarnya klo buat aq sendiri gag seberapa berat y,, klw di bandingin ama yang senpai2 di ISO.
Mereka yg bener2 nge-handle acara, yg mikir,, klw yg kita sih tinggal jalanin aj..
Trz jg yg para pemainny, mereka yg latian dr kemarin2 smpai malam trz..

Tp 4 jam sebelum konser tu kita uts..!!
aduh,, udah kacau banget deh rasany??

Tp bener2 dah kehapus perasaan capek, kesel g maksimal d uts,, waktu konser dah selesai.
Malah rasany pengen ngadain konser lg^^ ehhe...


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